Blueberry Sandwich Cake

Recipe of Blueberry Sandwich Cake

1. Ingredients

Grams %
Easy Acti-fresh Cream Cake CL 750
Sugars 1860
Egg whole 1400
Water 600
Canola oil 1200
Flour Halmbloem 1390
Puratos Starfruit Puree Fruit Citron (Lemon) 225
Puratos Bavarois Neutre 75
Puratos Deli Cheesecake 750
Fresh Cream 35% Fat 450
Lemon peel 5
Puratos Smoobees Blueberry 1440
Glycerol 300
Potassium Carbonate 18

2. Method

3. Nutritional Facts

Note: The Nutrition Information is based on the recipe as stated above, it is calculated from the product TDS and does not take nutrient changes during processing into account.


Contains: gluten, egg, milk

May contain: soybean


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