Crazy Caramel Cake

Recipe of Crazy Caramel Cake

1. Ingredients

Grams %
Easy Acti-fresh Cream Cake CL 200
Sugars 400
Egg whole 500
Belcolade Dar Chocolate, Origins Noir Vietnam 73%, sustainable Cocoa Trace 250
Puratos Pure Prime Pressed Cocoa Butter 25
Canola oil 5
Flour Halmbloem 350
Puratos Smoobees Caramel 300
Margarine (80% fat) 500

2. Method

3. Nutritional Facts

Note: The Nutrition Information is based on the recipe as stated above, it is calculated from the product TDS and does not take nutrient changes during processing into account.


Contains: gluten, egg, milk

May contain: soybean


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