Puratos Global Graduate Program 2018

20 Apr 2018

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Working at Puratos: hailing from the great state of New Jersey, Alexandra De Los Reyes shares her experiences from life so far on our Global Graduate Program in the USA

Q: After graduating what made you chose the Global Graduate Program at Puratos as the first step in your career path?

Alexandra De Los Reyes: “I graduated with a major in Culinary Arts and a minor in Entrepreneurship from Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA) in June 2017 and had studied abroad for a semester in Rome. Due to my love of food, my experiences in the hospitality world, and my travels abroad, I knew that I wanted to work in the food industry. I then saw the posting of the Puratos 3-Year Graduate Trainee Program focused on Marketing, with a rotation at the headquarters in Brussels, and knew it would be a perfect fit. After going through the interview process, I saw that I would be able to work in an industry that I love, get exposure to innovative global practices and departments, and receive career guidance along the way.”

Q: How has the experience been so far?

ADLR: "My first assignment has been within our Patisserie category. I have been assisting the Product Manager, Anh Thai, who is an ex-pat from Belgium. I have assisted in product launches and category and product strategies, along with creating communication plans and tools for our sales teams. Through all of these projects, Anh has been a great mentor and resource. I also have had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco, to our National Sales Meeting in New Jersey, to Boston and to New York on behalf of my team. I have seen first-hand that Puratos is a very fast-paced and driven company with passionate employees and the motivation to grow the company, together. Very inspiring. With still 2.5 years left in my program, I’m excited to continue doing my part to make our goals here at Puratos a reality."  

Q: How have you found working with the team?

ADLR: "The marketing team is great! With experience in Puratos ranging from 1.5 to 25 years, I have had the opportunity to learn so much about our team, the US market, and the company as a whole. They have been very welcoming and they understand that since I am a recent graduate, I have a lot to learn. Everyone on the team is always more than happy to talk to me about the company, to offer guidance on specific projects and advice on my career path. This support means a lot to me. After graduation I was worried I wouldn’t have that strong support system I had in school. I am so happy I found that here."

Q: Has working in Product Management lived up to your expectations?

ADLR: "Going into this program, I didn’t have a full understanding of what product management was. Now that I have been working directly with a product manager, I have realised it is exactly what I’d like to pursue in my career! While working under Anh, who has 20 years of product management experience, I have learned that a product manager is like a mini CEO of a product category. They are responsible for all aspects of their products. It is quite astonishing to see how much they do. Due to the cross-functional aspect of this position, I love that in every project I am working on, I am consulting others; it requires a full team effort to be successful. I look forward to continue working with the different departments because it gives me different perspectives and helps me understand how and more importantly, why, I am doing something."

Q: Would you recommend our Program to other recent college graduates?

ADLR: "After graduating, I was a bit lost. I knew the industry I wanted to be in but I wasn’t certain in what type of job I would be successful. I am very driven and motivated, but I didn’t just want to take the first job I saw after graduating because I knew I still had a lot to learn. This program has allowed me to do just that and I look forward to developing and growing in this company. I would recommend this graduate trainee program to any recent graduate who is career driven, proactive, loves working in a team, and most importantly loves food."

Global Graduate Trainee Programme

The Global Graduate Trainee Program gives top graduates the opportunity to perform three assignments in multiple functional domains. Assignments take on average 1 year.
The purpose is to gain experience across multiple domains and have exposure within Puratos to all levels of our business. Global Graduate trainees are able to build a network within Puratos, further grow their experience, get to know the business and share their ideas.

A traineeship at Puratos can give your career a big boost. Do you want to seize this opportunity just like Alexandra? Please look out for our recruitment adverts for the programme, from the end of February on LinkedIn, your school careers service and our Puratos jobs page.