Mimetic: the most convenient route to delicious products.

28 May 2019



The role of fat is crucial in most baked goods. In laminated items, for example, it can be 40% of the recipe! Therefore, choosing the right sort of fat is key to baking high quality, tasty products. The sort of fat you use has an impact on important consumer demands like taste, freshness and health. Butter and margarine each have their own pros and cons.  That’s why the R&D teams of Puratos developed a special fat allowing bakers and pâtissiers to create delicious products in a convenient way. It’s called Mimetic.

What is Mimetic exactly?

Mimetic is a specialty fat allowing bakers and pâtissiers to create delicious bakery and patisserie products with a great butter sensation while being easy to work with. It is a new generation of fat, resulting from years of R&D expertise and know-how. It guarantees superior quality of end-products, like croissants, Danish pastries, puff pastries, cakes, soft dough, cookies and short crust. Mimetic meets both consumer needs (taste, freshness and health) and customer needs (workability, convenience, profitability). It’s extremely suitable for direct and long shelf life processes and frozen applications.

For whom was Mimetic developed?

Mimetic is a good solution for every baker and pâtissier looking for convenience and top quality end-products with a butter sensation and long freshness. It’s available in different formats: artisan bakers can use Mimetic sheets, while industrial customers can use big blocks of Mimetic.


What are the advantages of using Mimetic compared to butter and margarine?

Mimetic is the result of thorough investigations of fat formulation by the R&D teams of Puratos. This new generation fat adds up the advantages of margarine (like tolerance, non-refrigerated storage and stable pricing) with the virtues of butter (like premium taste and freshness).


For consumers, Mimetic provides several advantages:

  • Delicious intense taste

  • Excellent melting experience

  • A perfect short, moist and crispy bite

  • Prolonged freshness


For bakers and pâtissiers, Mimetic has even more benefits:

  • Top quality bakery and patisserie end-products with butter sensation

  • Prolongs the freshness of baked goods

  • Convenience: ease of use, great workability, excellent plasticity

  • Cost reduction vs. butter

  • Works in direct and frozen processes

  • Approved on industrial lines and in long shelf life

  • Allows nutritional and sustainable claims on packaging

  • No need to adapt recipes: 1-on-1 replacement of regular fat

  • Storage conditions (4-20°C) are more flexible vs. butter


What consumer claims can you use on products made with Mimetic?

Mimetic allows both nutritional and sustainable claims on the packaging:

  • Vegan: Mimetic contains vegetable oils and sourdough (this does not apply to Mimetic Primeur);

  • Made with butter: Mimetic Primeur, a specific item in the range, contains butter;

  • Hydro-free: Mimetic does not contain hydrogenated fats

  • Non GMO: Mimetic does not contain genetically modified ingredients

Curious about working with Mimetic?

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