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19 Feb 2020

More and more consumers say they want to see and feel the craftsmanship in the breads they buy. You too can now bake everyday breads that combine flavor, texture and traditional ingredients. We call them “Rustic Style” breads, as they are packed full of goodness, while still offering you the convenience of your everyday packed breads.

With our Rustic Style approach, we’ll help you become part of this tradition, and so create opportunities to grow your business. Clearly, the Future of Bread Lies in its Past.

Respond to consumers’ changing buying behavior with rustic style packaged breads

Our consumer study Taste Tomorrow confirms that consumers are seeking craft-style breads, and that they are willing to pay more for this category. It’s why many artisans, retailers and industrial bakers have started baking sourdough breads. Did you know that in 2019, one out of seven bread launches in Europe and US included the traditional sourdough ingredient? (Source: Mintel 2019).

The wide variety of sourdough flavors, stories and applications lets bakers create a differentiated offer with their own signature breads. However, it’s also clear that consumers now want the upmarket experience AND the convenience of longer shelf life, softer mouthfeel and appealing packaging.

Ingredients to go Rustic Style:

It’s not easy finding the sweet spot between craft breads and everyday convenience, but that’s why we’re here. With our experience in everyday and our expertise in sourdough, we can help you define exactly what you can offer your consumers. We can also share our knowledge and understanding about Rustic Style bread launches to increase your success.

Whether you are considering adding a rustic-style twist to your current bread range, or want to go further upmarket by launching a new differentiating bread range, you’ll find all the ingredients you need to help your business grow more sustainably at Puratos.

Our range of Sapore and O-tentic sourdoughs delivers the tradition of sourdough while letting you create breads with your own flavor profile, appearance and story.

Our Puravita and Specialty Grains range in the wholegrain category lets you deliver on the consumer’s desire for healthy grains & seeds breads without compromising on taste.

Our extensive range of cleaner label Bakery Improvers makes it much easier to meet consumers’ expectations on texture, tolerance and freshness.



Puratos expertise in Sourdoughs lets you produce tasty, high-quality breads that hark back to the traditional origins of baking.



Inspired by ancient processing methods, Puratos has developed grains and seeds solutions that excel in both convenience and innovative possibilities.

Bakery Improvers

Bakery Improvers

Whether you are in the fresh, packaged or frozen bread sector, Puratos Bakery Improvers will help you overcome production challenges and ensure top-quality products every time.