Nurturing innovative Health & Well-Being solutions

10 Oct 2019

Puratos Group is taking its commitment to Health & Well-Being solutions to the next level by expanding its product range to include healthier solutions across all product categories. Through fostering new joint ventures and pursuing innovative solutions, Puratos is exploring all avenues to support consumers’ expectations. Their new initiatives, such as their collaboration with Estonian Malt or the upcoming launch of a Gluten-Free Pilot Bakery, are based on the latest consumer insights gathered from both their global Taste Tomorrow survey and their close relationship with customers.


Celebrating a century of commitment to health & well-being

Nurturing consumers’ health & well-being has been part of Puratos’ DNA since its founding 100 years ago. Puratos’ commitment to this is evident in their “Health & Well-Being” strategy.
Their products help consumers achieve a healthy balanced diet. For decades, the company has worked tirelessly to improve the nutritional value of its products and launch more transparent, ‘cleaner labels’, as well as organic and plant-based alternatives.
The Taste Tomorrow survey reveals that millennials and generation Xers are adapting their eating habits and are looking for healthier alternatives and products that contribute to their well-being. For this reason, Health & Well-Being continues to take first place in Puratos’ product development process and is at the forefront of Puratos’ research and development.

Laurence Herbert, Group Health & Well-Being Leader, explains: “In addition to bringing healthier products to the market, we are developing a more proactive approach through the launch of global and local innovations to contribute to consumers’ well-being. Puratos aims to offer a cleaner and shorter ingredient list as part of our Cleaner Label approach. We also provide, whenever possible, organic, gluten-free and plant-based alternatives without compromising on taste or texture and overall functionality of the product.”

Waitress behind counter, looking at camera, small business owner working in cake shop

Consumers want to have their cake and eat it too

Puratos’ Taste Tomorrow consumer survey also showed that when it comes to healthier food, consumers want both less and more. Healthy eating is just as much about eliminating ‘unhealthy’ ingredients (fewer calories, less sugar, salt and fat), as it is about adding wholesome ingredients, such as fibres, wholegrains and proteins. Puratos is working to produce products with the highest possible nutritional value, without compromising on taste or quality. Puratos is fulfilling these demands through several avenues; in 2018, the company used 15% more fruit and 8.5% more cereals and grains in its products than the previous year. In 2018, the company also reduced its oil use by 7.512 tonnes (which corresponds to over 7 million bottles), using fat reduction solutions  in baked goods already on the market. 

Joining forces with other innovators to leverage new knowledge in the Health & Well-Being 

Puratos further demonstrates its commitment to Health & Well-Being through its recent union with innovative company Estonian Malt. Estonian Malt is a leader in the field of sprouted grains, an ancient ingredient valued for its health benefits. Nestled in Pangodi, in the heart of the Estonian countryside, Estonian Malt takes a unique approach to sprouted wholegrains: by fermenting the grains after they have sprouted, they develop a unique, natural and sweet taste while maintaining a succulent texture. Estonian Malt has more than 22 years of experience supplying the biggest bread bakeries in the Baltic countries and many other EU bakeries. 

Ursel Kaarna, board member & CEO of Estonian Malt, sees the joint venture as a unique chance to strengthen the cooperation: “Several years of cooperation with Puratos Group have proven their strong interest in our innovative and natural products. The joint venture enables us to take our products to the global market and to give a boost to our product development. We are proud that one of the world´s best companies in this field is working with us.”

At the forefront of innovation and creative alternatives

Puratos Group has also launched an entire product range with reduced sugar content.
From cake mixes and chocolate (Belcolade) to cream and fruit fillings, customers can bake and create with 30% less sugar content than traditional ingredients. Based on chicory root and corn fibre, the range not only promises reduced sugar, it also guarantees a high-source of fibre – all while maintaining the high-quality taste and texture Puratos is known for.

Puratos Group is also supporting the innovation and co-production of new gluten-free recipes. Located at Puratos Headquarters in Belgium, the brand-new Gluten-Free Pilot Bakery for Bakery & Patisserie (opening 2020) will allow customers from around the world to co-create with Puratos’ gluten-free specialists and tap into their expertise. In a laboratory of 45 m2 space, customers will be able to work with top-of-the-range equipment and fresh ingredients to create new gluten-free recipes. 

Puratos’ CEO Daniel Malcorps concludes: “Health & Well-Being has always been at the heart of what we do at Puratos. Less fats and salt, more , cereals, seeds and fruit: we are continuously working towards these ambitious goals. Everything we do every day is contributing to consumers’ Health & Well-Being. In our research and development, but also in joint ventures, our main focus is to bring healthy and innovative products to our clients and answer the call of our consumers’ growing interest in more nutritional solutions”.