Mimetic 32

New generation fat for lamination that gives superior quality to all your viennoiserie and puff pastries. It's free from hydrogenated formulation will give you a real butter sensation (taste, melting profile) while helping you reduce your recipe costs up to 50%.

  • A unique combination of special fats and sourdough giving the exceptional butter experience.
Consumer advantages
  • Crispy laminated pastry, with an intense taste and aroma, combined with a perfect layering and golden crumb (for laminated products)
  • High quality and great softness (for fat incorporated soft products)
  • Great taste and melting sensation (for fat incorporated products)
  • Melting sensation of butter
Customer advantages
  • Laminated pastry and sweet goods offering a butter sensation and superior quality (taste, layering, crumb, crustiness) vs margarine
  • Bakery and patisserie products with improved freshness on shelf
  • Improved workability vs butter: higher tolerance and convenience in production
  • one-for-one replacement
  • Approved on industrial lines
  • up to -50% of recipe cost

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